Located in a low income neighborhood, Monseñor Lezcano La Salle was founded by a former student of Collegio La Salle Managua, to provide affordable education to children in the area of Barrio La Fuente. The school is mostly managed by donations and the support of the former students of the La Salle schools, a series of private schools throughout the country. Some of the children of Monseñor Lezcano have myopia and had struggled to look at the board until we provided their first pair of corrective lenses.

La Salle runs a series of private schools throughout Nicaragua providing elite education to the students lucky enough to attend these schools. Placement in one of these programs is tough, and the cost high.

However, La Salle runs a program that offers free tuition to those low income top performers, so that the students have access to a better life.


We work with La Salle to ensure that these students can see the board, and take on any challenges they come across. 

Help us help these star kids by helping yourself to some new Sunglasses with our partners.

Take a look at the video below to get a little background on Nicaraguas struggles today. 


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