Our partners are great, take a look below at the work they do. 


Sunwear Retailer

Soleluce is a premium sunwear retailer with a selection of sunglasses and sunwear. Buy a pair or 2 and when you put on your sunglasses you'll know you're not the only one that's gonna be lookin good. 



Corner of Love is a growing international mission dedicated to serving Nicaraguans in need. Since 1992 they have been helping struggling families by bringing healthcare and clean water to remote areas without basic infrastructure. Through their Clinic, Refugee Relief Center (Costa Rica), Nutrition Program, and School they serve more than 30,000 Nicaraguans each year.



SOS Nicaragua is a group based out of San Juan Costa Rica helping with the refugee crisis occurring as Nicaraguans flee the escalating civil unrest and violence in Nicaragua. In places like Managua, Monimbo, etc, open conflict and protests have resulted in oppression, and the countries economy has slowed to a halt as tourism’s dried up. Today many people are looking for better places to live.



Our partners at Advision Unlimited run a series of family operated opticals based out of the Miami Florida region. As a family owned business, Advision is dedicated to bringing you the best eyewear and eye-care available. Visit Advision today online or in store to help us support small enterprise.


Prescription Lenses

Our partners at Glasses LED operate an online prescription glasses retailer, and work with professional opticians to bring you a large selection of premium eyeglasses and sunglasses, with prices as low as $65. Visit our partners at glassesled.com today.


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