Lenses for the Future was started by two friends from The University of Texas.



I went to school at UT’s McCombs School of Business, and graduated with a degree in Finance. I think business works better when it works for people. Hope you like what we put together.



I went to school in Austin at McCombs school of business and finished with a focus in Finance. As an international student from Brazil I saw how eager Americans were to help and knew Latin America was ripe to benefit from a project like Lenses. Hope you enjoy our work.



Padre Oscar is a well renowned Nicaraguan priest and advocate for the poor, the elderly, and the youth. He works hands on with communities on the ground to provide solutions to problems that everyday Nicaraguans face with poverty. Padre Oscar has graciously donated his time to collaborate with us, and local optometry schools in Nicaragua, to provide eyecare and corrective lenses to the youth within his parish and the surrounding communities that lack the means to care for themselves.


Adelson was born and raised in the small town of Retirolandia, Bahia, a poor city in the semi-arid region of Brazil with around 15,000 inhabitants. Despite growing up under difficult circumstances, Adelson moved to Salvador, the capital of the Bahia, where he has managed to build a better life for himself and his family, becoming an entrepreneur alongside his sister, Marina, and creating a home-made food distribution business. Now, Adelson devotes part of his efforts to giving back to his community by not only engaging in social projects to improve the life of local children. but also reforestation projects to counter the effects of logging and development. Here is a video illustrating some of the reforestation work Adelson does in Brazil to restore local ecology.


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