Life is hard, we make it easier.


Life's a little easier when you can see, and our hope is to help others help themselves. We know that by giving back basic functions like sight to people in need, we can empower them to escape cycles of poverty, allowing them to succeed in school, and obtain a better future for themselves and their families.


The World Health Organization estimates that over 600 million people in the developing world have impaired vision. About 1 in 2 people live in poverty, on less than $2.5 a day. We know that by improving access to basic infrastructure and resources we can improve their chance of escaping cyclical poverty. But, many people lack in functions even more essential than basic infrastructure, like sight. Without their basic human functions, these people can’t take advantage of the opportunities available to them to improve their lives. The solution is simple though. We know that clear sight actually empowers people to be twice as effective in school, and increases productivity by nearly 35%. By simply giving people their vision, we sit back and let them change their own lives.


We work with schools, orphanages, and nonprofits around the world, providing glasses to people that can’t afford their own. By pairing with charities and local optometry schools on the ground, we’re able to obtain free eye exams for people to make sure their prescriptions are correct. When one of our supporters buys a pair of lenses from our partners, our partners place an order for a pair of glasses for a person in need. So, the more lenses you buy, the more we can help people do their thing successfully.


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